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Coconut trees grow in coastal areas. Indonesia is located in the tropics and the island countries, has an extensive beach. Coconut tree as a lot of growing coconut oil producer in Indonesia.

Indonesian islands

Almost all the beaches on the Indonesian islands are suitable for growing coconut trees, especially in eastern Indonesia such as Maluku, Papua and other. Production of coconut oil in Indonesia is one of the largest in the world. Many Coconut oil factory as produced virgin coconut oil in Indonesia. In addition to large factories producing coconut oil, many traditional factories scattered around the archipelago of Indonesia.

Coconut oil processing in the traditional way is believed to produce coconut oil is better. This is due in the traditional processing, all pure ingredients from coconut cooked in specially selected with the best quality. In addition, the processing does not add other materials such as chemical substances or preservatives. That is why coconut oil is produced from the traditional processing has better quality.

According of results of research experts, a lot of benefits derived from coconut oil. In addition to maintaining the health and stamina, coconut oil can also be used for cosmetic ingredients. Coconut oil can also be used as a dietary ingredient for people who are overweight.

Where to get coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil?

If you live in Indonesia, it is not difficult. Many coconut oil marketed, both in the traditional markets or modern market. Or in the village villages, coconut oil can we buy directly from the people who cultivate the traditional coconut oil. Sometimes when we lived in village, there are our neighbors who produced coconut oil.

For the State does not produce coconut oil, they can import from other countries such as Indonesia, Philpine, Malaysia and others.

Coconut oil is packaged in beautiful packege and added other ingredients to increase the efficacy of coconut oil. Now is not hard to get coconut oil anywhere in the world.

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