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Since so many years, calcium is recommended as a very important source to support and enhance the total body tasks like the functions of heart, nerves and the muscles. It is a very decisive mineral that helps the body and mind to grow. Osteoporosis or ‘porous bones’ is the extreme circumstance of Calcium deficiency. A Calcium deficiency escorts to low bone mass, pain or fracture in the bones and disease like Osteoporosis. Thus, Calcium   and Osteoporosis are the two parts of a single coin.

In the world, the increasing numbers of Osteoporosis patients have shown that the negligence of Calcium intake or fewer intakes of those foods full of Calcium is the main reason behind this. Having Calcium in a significant amount is very necessary to prevent Osteoporosis. Doctors recommend the intake of 500 mg of Calcium including the intake of Vitamin D3 of 200 IU. A study in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in 1990 -2000 found that Calcium and Osteoporosis have a close relation. The Calcium is much-needed to maintain the whole organism of human health and build the durable organic system. It is responsible to make a strong skeletal and even the teeth.  It has been found that the normal functions of the body require a regular transformation of Calcium between various fluids and the bones and Calcium is also required to maintain the homeostatic process inside the body. If in case the Calcium transformation goes low, the quantity of the bone minerals  goes low and leads to many disease syndromes.

If a person wants to prevent Osteoporosis, he/she should have a proper intake of Calcium-reached food supplements. Including Calcium there is also a need of Vitamin D in the body.  Vitamin D helps to enhance the amalgamation power of Calcium in the bones. The foods like those of mackerel or herring, eggs, margarine and the food with low fat increase the level of Vitamin D. In addition, the food like green vegetables, cereals, breads, some types of fish, almonds and fruits are a great source of vitamins and Calcium. The patient should also take other Calcium medications and measures. These measures can diminish those damages that are occurred due to the disease. The patients should also take an adequate amount of sun exposure to soak up Vitamin D.

Calcium and Osteoporosis in a woman health is also very much connected to each other. A report says that a medical study was done on more than 36,000 women who were post-menopausal; they were suggested to take supplements of Calcium on daily basis. The study found that there were fewer cases of hip or waste fractures or pains in the bones.  Women, who are especially going through menopause neglects the intake of Calcium though they actually require to have proper Calcium Supplement. An adult woman body looses Calcium faster than the men. In this stage they also high risks of Kidney or heart or lungs damage or diseases. The overall body structure and the weaken vessels and muscles also becomes the reason of bone disease like Osteoporosis.  Calcium deficiency in a woman worsens the bone tissues.

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